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Scoop 77 - April 2020

Monthly newsletter for April 2020


Presidents Message

Hey ladies it's the 1st of April and I'm only 15 days away from being closer to age 40 than 30! Sure it's the last thing to worry about at a time like this! But hey it gives me some normalcy from this weird and somewhat frightening time in our country! (Granted some of our OG members might want to stab me right now haha!) I just want to say how glad I am most of our members are still working, what a blessing! Thanks to Robin for the email update it's good to hear from everyone. For right now our general meetings will be cancelled....we will have board meetings as scheduled via conference call. Robin, Myranda and Robin have working really hard to get our new website up and running! We will no longer have a newsletter instead it will all be on the website blog called "Scoop 77". Thanks ladies for all your time and hardwork! I can't wait for website roll out! Stay safe! Remember if you need anything you can reach out and rely on our wonderful community of NAWIC women! -Kay Ewalt


Annual Oregon Coast Retreat 2020

The annual NAWIC Coast Retreat 2020 at the Surf Sand in Cannon Beach was a blast! Members from the Salem, Portland, South Sound and of course our own Eugene chapter were in attendance for the fun & educational weekend.

The guest speaker was Joanna Westrich, with JE Dunn, and it was great to learn about seismic action & earthquake possibilities in our part of the world. We had a great group dinner in town and some met for a scavenger hunt around town Sunday morning before leaving to head home.

You should all try to attend this great relaxing, educational and fun weekend!

-Robin Langkamp

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Robin Langkamp
Robin Langkamp
Jun 05, 2020

Hi Ladies,

Please login and set up a profile on our website. You don't have to add your life story, but it is how you can be contacted by anyone that is looking at our website!

When you sign up for a member profile and use a personal email...please send us a note at, to let us know who you are! If your email is your name, or like mine is robinflyt, we can probably figure out who you are. but if your email is a bit obscure, please let us know. :)

**I know, it grabs your Gmail (or Facebook) login, if you have one and then you can't change it. But you can add a contact emai…

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