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Scoop 77 - May 2020

Monthly newsletter for May 2020


Presidents Message

Hey ladies it's May and I feel like we've been in this quarantine for three years! I don't know about you but every day feels like a Tuesday! I hope everyone is still working and doing well. I miss seeing everyone's faces!

The board members have been meeting on our regular days these last two months via Zoom to make sure everything is running smooth during these crazy times. A quick update for everyone, starting next month we are going to have a Zoom meeting with all members and a few regulars. Next month's meeting will be a check in to allow everybody to see each other and talk about what's new! You will get a invite to register for the meeting in your emails. Once registered, you should get the log in information and password for the meeting. If any issues come up with registration, please email Myranda at for help!

We will be sending out the mail ballots for officer election for next year’s slate. We need these ballots back as soon as possible. We are doing mail ballots due to the fact that we can't have our regular, in-person meetings. Oregon, nor national office headquarters state Texas, allows online voting. Please make sure to get those in ASAP!

Please!!! When you get a chance sign into the website and make your profile! It serves as our membership roster to the public, and you will have access to the monthly scoop, meeting registration, etc. Myranda, Robin & Nancy worked really hard to get it up and running! It's fantastic! Again, if you need any help making your profile, contact Myranda and she can walk you through it. -Kay Ewalt

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